What is BELU?

BeLu Ugandahilfe e.V. is an organization that promotes education for children in Uganda. We are a small group of Germans and Ugandans, who are committed to improve the living standards in Ugandas rural areas. Therefore we launched several projects in Kabango and Kako. Take a look below to find out more about our Vision and Projects.

Get involved!

You can support us by...


Donating money to:

BELU-Ugandahilfe e.V.

Sparkasse Emsland

IBAN: DE 24 2665 0001 1091 0167 72



or become a Sponsor: 

For 15€ a month you can become a sponsor for a child in Kabango or Kako. To find out how contact us via Mail: kontakt@belu-uganda.de

Our Vision

We believe that improving life standards, especially for children, can only be reached through local cooperation. Therefore we work closely with our friends in Kabango and Kako, Uganda.

Our goal is supporting local communities to change conditions for a bright future. In our view education is the key to sustainable development, which is why we help to build schools and nurseries. 

What we do

Our aim is to provide a positive learning environment for children in Uganda. 

Thats why we built a school in Kabango, and soon a nursery in Kako. Besides that we put up water wells in both of these communities. To find out more about our projects, take a look here. 

About us

BeLu was found in 2010 by Bernd Rickermann and Ludwig Wilkens. There believe in development through education is the core of our work. The passion and commitment to the children in Kabango and Kako is what drives our Team of volunteers. 

Together we were able to establish our organization and we look forward to our upcoming projects.