Our Projects

School in Kabango

Kabango is a village in the district of Hoima. The closest cities are Hoima and Masindi, which are both about a one our drive away. The living standards in and around Kabango are very low. The people are struggling with water and power supply, medical and educational facilities. The school in Kabango is welcoming more then 2500 children every day, while having only 28 teachers. At our first visit in Kabango Father Gerald, the teachers and the welcoming people of Kabango inspired us to do something about it. So far we´ve been able to supply new classrooms, photovoltaic conversion and a water pump. 

Kako Nursery

In 2016 we started the foundation of a nursery in Kako, Masindi District. The facility is already a place for children with disabilities. Others are orphans that need a people to take care of them. We are focussed on there early childhood education, before they can go to school. 

Especially the disabled kids are often struggling to become members of the community. Our partners Juliette and Nakato are running the nursery. We are closely cooperating with them to give these children a chance to a decent life. 

So far we installed a water pump and the new nursery facility is in the making. 

Take a look at our work in Kabango and Kako...